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NEWS: Steiner’s launches in ShopRite

Steiners in grab n go

Village Super Market Launches Steiner’s Coffee Cake Of New York

Marmora, New Jersey 06/14/2019 Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York (Steiner’s), a business specializing in sweet baked goods and all-purpose flour, is proud to announce its launch throughout the family of ShopRite stores owned and operated by Village Super Market. On Friday, June 14th Steiner’s debuted its premiere baked goods along with its new packaging. The roll-out included four of the Village family’s marquee locations; Marmora, Somers Point, Stirling and Morristown.

Kim Shelton, Director of Fresh Bake for Village, “At its core Village Super Market is a family company.  We are always on hunt for partners and products to share with our customers that reflect the values of our organization. We strongly believe that great food will always win. We have a growing group of customers and team members who are not eating gluten, that shouldn’t require a sacrifice in quality or flavor! When I met Jen and Nanci and tasted their NY Coffee Cake and heard their story, I could not bring it to our customers fast enough. While they are a small company, they are born of similar values and we hope to provide Steiner’s a fantastic avenue for growth. And I get to have their brownies everyday…. a win-win.”

The founder and creator of Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York All-Purpose Flour, Nanci Steiner was at each of the launch tastings. At 72 Nanci still has the spark that propelled her over 30 years of tinkering. “It’s the perfect fit,” says Jennifer Steiner Pool, President who has built the company on the traditions of her own family’s recipes. The two companies value family, tradition and innovation. Steiner’s looks for partners who have a keen interest in emerging brands focused on bringing clean label, products filled with real ingredients to the marketplace. The launch was the ideal opportunity for Steiner’s to release its updated packaging design. The newest iteration of the package design was funded by a recently completed crowd-funding campaign during which Steiner’s raised $10,000 to redesign and produce prototype labels.

Steiner’s takes a strategic approach to its selection of retail partners. “We’ve developed a product and brand that brings value to our clients and consumers across several strategic pillars that are appealing to a wide range of cohorts,” says Steiner Pool. Steiner’s is committed to sustainable manufacturing via the use of plant based packaging materials from Nature Flex™ of America and zero waste policy.

Steiner’s has aggressive growth goals for 2019. The company is looking to increase its capacity upwards of 300%. One critical metric for success is our repeat order rate, we’re very proud to have a 97% wholesale and 60% consumer reorder rate. Our robust and consistent flavor profile keeps our customers coming back for more. Steiner’s looks forward to serving the Village shopper for weeks, months and years to come.

About Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York:

Founded in 2016, Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York has quickly become a leader in the sweet baked goods ready-to-eat category. It’s taken family recipes and reinvented them using their proprietary all-purpose flour blend, redefining baking. They’ve come up with a formula that eliminates the need to differentiate baked goods for the mass market vs. the gluten free market. The products are available nationwide, in freezer aisles of specialty grocers and on the shelf of your local coffee shop. As Steiner’s says, “When we bake everyone eats.” For more information, visit or follow @nycoffeecake. To learn more about Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York, please visit .

About Village Super Markets Inc

Greek immigrants Nick and Perry Sumas opened the first Village Super Market in 1937. Just under 10 years later the brothers joined Wakefern, becoming one of the cooperative’s earliest members. As the Sumas family grew, so too did their business. Today, the publicly traded company, including Nick’s son Robert, and Perry’s sons William and John, and their children and extended family, operate 30 ShopRite supermarkets located in northern, central and southern New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania.

For more information contact: Amanda Fischer, or follow @villagesupermarket

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