12 Chocolate Coffee Cakes


If you are willing to share this is the perfect set for you, 12 of our signature sweet creations.

Our signature sweet creation with a twist – CHOCOLATE German sour cream coffee cake. This NEW favorite will delight your taste buds. Each coffee cake is topped off with a raspberry/sugar mixture which you will also find nestled right in the middle of each cake. Our coffee cake is best warmed for 45 seconds. Pair it with your favorite coffee, tea or a glass of milk.


Gluten free
Soy Free
UD Kosher
Nut Free

Our coffee cakes (nor any of our products) do NOT contain any shelf-life extenders or preservatives. You can keep your coffee cakes for up to two years in the freezer or 10 days in the refrigerator. They should always be wrapped to prevent them from drying out. We do NOT recommend storing your coffee cakes on a counter or in a cupboard.