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Steiner’s Earns Amazon Seller Badge

Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York earns Amazon Seller Badge opening up it’s inventory for wholesale in bulk on Amazon.

The Business Seller badge is granted to sellers that meet the high standards of Amazon Business. Business sellers must meet a performance bar that is higher than that of marketplace and other requirements to qualify for Business Seller badge. The requirements include:

1. Low Order Defect Rate on B2B orders (less than 0.5%)
2. Low pre-fulfillment cancellation rate on B2B orders (less than 1%)
3. Low late shipment rate on B2B orders (less than 2%)
4. Valid tracking number on B2B order shipments (valid tracking rate greater than 97.5%)
5. No product authenticity complaints in the last 180 days
6. No product safety complaints in the last 180 days

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