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take a bit of our cinnamon coffee cake
July 24, 2021


I’m very obsessed with this #glutenfree coffee cake from @nycoffeecake. It is so light and fluffy and literally the perfect size.

Coffee Cakes


Finally got to sink my teeth into @nycoffeecake and color me impressed!

Coffee Cakes


I haven’t had a coffee cake in YEARS! When I discovered @nycoffeecake I was super excited! They offer many gluten-free goodies, but the coffee cake caught my eye and I NEEDED to try it! Eating the coffee cake brought me back to my childhood.

Coffee Cakes


Celebrating #caketoptuesday with yet another @starwars cake! This is a 6 inch double layer cake. The layers are funfetti – GLUTEN FREE made with the awesome gluten free all purpose flour from @nycoffeecake – check out all their products!! Their coffee cake is amazing!

Coffee Cakes


Apple cider spice cakes were the star of our dinner party last night. Compliments of Steiner’s flour @nycoffeecake @halfbakedharvest

Steiner’s Coffee Cake of NY


Came across the @nycoffeecake both at mini mart!! Got a warm #glutenfree berry scone. SO delicious.

Steiner’s Coffee Cake of NY


We loved them all literally everything was gone that night ha!!! My kids gobbled it all up before dinner.

Steiner’s Coffee Cake of NY


I said, “Smell this – it smells soooo good!” Ya, so good he went cross eyed.

Steiner’s Coffee Cake of NY


I’m not even a fan of coffee cake, but this is something else! They’re local so I support them!!

Steiner’s Coffee Cake of NY


I tried a few things from @nycoffeecake and was NOT disappointed. But the absolute star was their little coffee cakes. Because how adorable are they?? They come in these little individual portions and you just pop them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. SO warm and fluffy and yummy.