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Steiner’s Coffee Cake of NY

Top Spot at FoodBizLI Shark Tank

Thursday, September 27th Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York took the top spot at the FoodBizLI 2018 Shark Tank, a feature at the annual Food and Beverage summit. In traditional Shark Tank format each of the three companies was tasked with presenting its business plan, current state of maturation and plans for growth. Steiner’s highlighted its successful SKU expansion, repeat order rate, purpose driven values and working capital requirements.Jennifer Steiner Pool stated, “The business of doing business is grueling – it never stops however these opportunities force us to pause and assess our current position. Its an incredibly valuable occasion topped off with recognition from seasoned sector professionals that we’re headed in the right direction.”The annual expo was held at Crest Hollow Country Club by Long Island Business News sponsored by Mazars and the Long Island Food Council. The presenting companies along with Steiner’s included Little Brittle Heaven and Hog In Black.